Figures Web, LLC is a modern web architecture and design enterprise. We strive for ultimate user experience and maintainability and use a sophisticated content management system which makes updates a breeze. So breezy in fact that we also offer you effortless control over various content and design features, with the ability to make simple changes as you see fit. Of course, we'll remain available as your backbone, to support the foundation we built for you from the ground up. We will be with you for the entire duration: design, development, and deployment.

We pride ourselves on quality, dependability, and the highest degree of client satisfaction. We want your clients to be as confident and happy with you as you are with us and your flourishing website!

What We Offer  

For more on what we offer and how you may benefit from our services, please experience our Figures Web Demos site.


Tired of a one-size-fits-all approach to web design? If you’ve realized that you or your business are not fitting into a cookie cutter template (or the headaches associated with one), we offer customized web applications.

‘Bespoke’ is an adjective, meaning tailor-made. We can suit your website to fit your needs as well as your imagination. Figures Web, LLC builds quality websites with fluidity in design according to your specific desires.

Contact us to discuss a development and design plan particular to you or your company’s shape. As web architects, we build sites from scratch. We offer you solid foundation with flexibility to make adjustments easily, add content as needed, and make design changes freely.

"If you can imagine it, we can create it - or let us imagine it for you."

Content Management

In a nutshell, content management systems allow a user, even with limited technological knowhow, to add, adjust, and remove certain content from a website without the intervention of a professional nerd.

We understand that you and your company are dynamic and might like to have the convenience of being able to handle distinct content and design features on your site without the need to employ a developer for basic modifications.

We use a sophisticated content management system called Umbraco. We are excited about demonstrating how it works to allow you the ultimate control of particular aspects of your site. However, if any of this intimidates you, rest assured, because we are professional nerds.
Umbraco Registered Partner
To learn more about content management, please visit our Figures Web Demos site.


Although pricing will vary depending upon the scope of the project, we like to be up-front about how much you can expect to pay. The following table may be used as a guideline to our pricing structure.

What We Offer  
 Hourly Rate$65.00
 Brochure WebsiteFrom $500
 CMS (Content Management System) WebsiteFrom $2,000
 Additional FeaturesPriced Separately
Please get better acquainted with us and sample what we offer by visiting our Figures Web Demos site.


Our web applications use Microsoft technology and we use SQL Server in our data layer. This allows our applications to be robust, secure, and scalable.

Our software is written in .NET, specifically C# and using the MVC framework. The software we create is based on the principles of good object-oriented design in adherence to SOLID principles.

For our content management systems we use Umbraco because it is based on ASP.NET MVC, is fast, highly customizable, and easy to use.

We also use various other frameworks such as Bootstrap for responsive front-end UI, GSAP for animation, along with jQuery, AngularJS, and others.


Perhaps you have specific requirements or would like to discuss the possibilities. Simply fill out the form and we'll get back to you. We check our emails regularly and always respond. If you prefer, please call us or send us a letter the old fashioned way to the address below.

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